5 Things to Do For National Spouses Day (And a BOGO!)

5 Things to Do For National Spouses Day (And a BOGO!)

January 26th is  National Spouses Day: a day to dedicate time to recognizing our significant others for all the awesome things they do.

Let's face it, life gets busy and it's easy to overlook your partner in crime who helps make all things in life just a little bit better. It's easy to get frustrated with one another, especially after years of left-over stealing, arguments over budgeting, and battles for the blanket at night (no matter how many freaking blankets you have on the bed). So, we've come up with a short, simple list of 5 things you can do to show your spouse you love them today (and every day, for that matter!).

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1. Do an extra chore before they ask you to

One of the most contentious topics in my home is chores. We have a bad habit of waiting until things hit critical mass before we take action, like strongly considering drying off after a shower with paper towels just to avoid having to wash the towels.

Pick a chore (or a few) that normally go overlooked and do it without making a big deal out of it. It may not seem like much, but waking up praying you have clean socks and finding a drawer of freshly laundered ones is one of the best gifts you can give.

2. Have a nice meal at home (and do the dishes after)

I love going out to eat, but there's something super special about having a nice, home-cooked meal. Do a quick Google search for some easy recipes of food that you both love and just start cooking before he/she even gets home. As you go, make sure to wash your dishes and clean up after yourself so that you end with a beautiful meal AND a beautiful kitchen. You'll feel like the next Gordon Ramsey and your spouse will be thankful for the great food and the time to relax.

3. Leave a message on the bathroom mirror

I was surprised to find that many of my couple friends already do this, but none as amazingly as my good friend Katey. If you leave the house first, grab a dry erase marker (or anything that will wash off easily) and write a super sweet (or a little spicy) message on the bathroom mirror for your loved one. There's nothing like groggily walking into the bathroom after waking up to find a super personal message waiting for you.

If you're super artsy (I'm looking at you, Katey) then take a few minutes to draw out something really nifty as well. I guarantee you you'll see a post on Facebook before noon saying how amazing you are :)

4. Sneak a note in their bag/book/laptop/wallet

This one goes all they way back to high school! The night before, find some excuse to get a hold of their wallet, purse, backpack, a book they are reading, or anything that they won't be using for the rest of the night but are guaranteed to use the next day. Quickly jot down a really sweet note and stuff it inside so that they are sure to see it.

The next day, a seemingly normal experience like opening your wallet to pay for coffee will become a super sweet moment of you showing them how much you love them.

5. Have the kids make a special card just for the heck of it

If you have kids (this is a baby bodysuit website, after all!) then get them into the fun as well. Grab some construction paper and crayons and have them help you write a letter to your spouse saying how awesome they are. Now you're getting bonus points for not just the gift, but also for distracting the kids for an hour :p

Bonus: Get them a super sweet NerdyTwosie

It's great to do little things here and there, but sometimes a gift can really speak volumes! It shows you took the time and effort to find something special just for them. Take advantage of our buy one, get one sale and grab a  Mommy's Wing Man and/or Daddy's Wing Man baby bodysuit to show off how kick-ass your spouse really is.